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Cepaka, The New Village of Wellness

The Village of Wellness                                                                                Patrick Clancy                                                                                                                              Bali Property Exchange

Located off the beaten path, just a short drive inland from Canggu, lies one of Bali’s best kept secrets - the bucolic village of Cepaka. Bordered by a seemingly endless mosaic of rice fields to the south and the Penet River to the north, Cepaka offers so much more than the eye can see with a cursory glance. Rain forest canopies, birdsong melodies and some of the best babi guling for miles around, are just a few of the characteristics that drew a handful of pioneering Australian developers to the area almost 20 years ago. As Bali has grown since the boom of a decade ago, so too has Cepaka. While some would argue that the growth in southern Bali has been a double-edged sword, the consensus on Cepaka today is unequivocally a…